Minh Hang specializes in providing all kinds of imported and fresh seafood such as: Canadian lobster (alaska), cotton lobster, crayfish, blue lobster, snow crab legs, king crab, Australian tasmanian crab, halibut, Korean abalone… And many other types of seafood. With many years of dedicated and dedicated operation in the industry, we are proud to be the unit that brings the diverse, quality and prestigious seafood world to our customers.

More than anyone else, we understand that only quality is the foundation that keeps us standing in today’s market. Therefore, each product before reaching consumers is selected through many turns and rigorously tested. How to make each guest come to Minh Hang Company once will be our long-term partner. This is the leading criterion in our premium seafood business.

High-class seafood products are imported from famous countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, Korea, etc. and undergo strict quarantine. Therefore, Minh Hang is always confident in the quality of its products.

Along with the strength in quality, we are always looking for ways to help you own the best products at the best prices on the market. By setting up with a professional supplier to create a direct route and become the No. 1 reseller. Products are shipped by air quickly to ensure the best freshness.

When coming to Minh Hang Company, customers will receive free advice and can visit the terrestrial ocean world in the most authentic and vivid way. Not stopping there, we also optimize the benefits for customers from ordering to shipping.

Minh Hang Company is committed to FRESH delivery to consumers, fast delivery, on time, at the right place. When you receive the goods, you will be checked before receiving the goods to ensure the reputation and quality of our company.

In addition, orders are also supported with 100% delivery fee within the inner city.

Not to mention, we also accept orders for rare products on the market in any season. Products after ordering will be quoted price and delivery time for customers.

5 frequently asked questions when coming to Minh Hang company
When ordering any product or service, customers also have a lot of questions before making their choice. And when ordering seafood at Minh Hang company, so do we. There are 5 questions asked by customers during the research and selection process, especially for customers who want to contact online via the Internet. Because in fact, there are thousands of “bad crying and laughing” accidents that have happened when customers buy goods through channels. And these are some questions that any customer asks when intending to come to our Minh Hang company.

Where do products of Minh Hang company come from?
This is the first question that any customer asks when a customer contacts seafood at our store.
Most of the seafood products that we supply to the market are sourced from the waters of Vietnam: Do Son, Cat Ba (Hai Phong), Van Don (Quang Ninh), … and other countries. . . Some are imported from the seas of Nghe An, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc… 100% of the seafood we bring to our customers are caught naturally, raised according to the right techniques, ensuring food hygiene and safety. , do not use chemicals. Seafood is caught and exploited by fishermen, we buy and transport directly to customers, without intermediaries, so the quality is guaranteed and the price is also very reasonable.

Does the store have domestic shipping?
Our company Minh Hang also receives seafood shipping with customers far away when ordering online via website, facebook. Depending on the location near or far from the store, the shipping time is fast or slow. However, we are committed to same-day delivery and the seafood to our customers is still fresh.

For customers in Ho Chi Minh City, we will deliver goods to the place in the form of COD ship, the customer will receive the goods and then have to pay. For customers outside the province, far away, please transfer 100% of the money in advance. We will fulfill orders, deliver goods via passenger car or by air in the fastest time.

How to handle if the ordered seafood is not of the committed quality?
As soon as the customer receives the goods, the customer checks and realizes that the product he received is not the same as the quality promised at the beginning. You can return it at that time. And quickly contact our hotline to get it resolved.

Is the actual seafood the same as the picture posted on the store’s website or facebook?
The seafood that customers see on the website is mostly real seafood brought back by us. A small number taken from the illustration. However, depending on different types of seafood, the weight and size specifications vary. But the quality is still guaranteed to be the freshest.
Customers will be checked product quality when receiving goods. If not satisfied, customers have the right not to receive, or we will have the most satisfactory return and refund policy.

Great deals for customers
• FREE SHIPPING for customers with invoices from 1,000,000 VND or more.
• Instant discount of 3% of invoice value when the total order is 20 million or more. 5% discount for customers with total order value of 70 million or more.
Come here, if you want to experience fresh, quality and safe seafood for your health, please contact Minh Hang Company to not have to worry about quality and price. We are committed to “SELL WITH MIND, SELL QUALITY” with the trust that customers give.

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