Conditions and procedures for exporting minerals abroad

The draft clearly states that only enterprises are allowed to export minerals. Mineral exporting enterprises must meet the following requirements:
1- Being established and operating under the provisions of the Law on Enterprises, fully meeting the conditions under the provisions of the Commercial Law on activities of exporting, importing, processing and selling goods with foreign countries.
2- Not being concluded by a competent state agency to violate the law on minerals, environmental protection, exporting minerals or having a notice of temporary suspension of mineral export.
Minerals are allowed to be exported when the following conditions are satisfied simultaneously: They have been processed to meet the prescribed quality standards and are listed in the List of exported minerals; of legal origin.
The draft states that, for minerals in the composition containing thorium, uranium equal to or greater than 0.05% by weight, when exporting, in addition to ensuring the above conditions, an export license is required. radiation by the Ministry of Science and Technology in accordance with the Law on Atomic Energy.
According to the draft, enterprises when carrying out procedures for exporting minerals, in addition to complying with the regulations of the Customs, must also present the original and provide a copy certified by the enterprise to the Customs authority of all kinds. the following papers: Quality declaration or Standard and quality analysis sheet of each export mineral shipment. Documents proving the legal origin of exported minerals.
In addition, the enterprise must also provide the report on mineral exports of the preceding period (the report has been sent to the management agencies as prescribed), except for the enterprise that has just exported in the first reporting period. first.
The draft clearly states that, before carrying out customs clearance procedures, the border gate customs and enterprises take samples to check the quality of each export shipment as a basis for settlement. Samples for quality analysis are performed by a laboratory meeting VILAS standards, and the cost of sample analysis is borne by the enterprise. In case the export shipment inspection results are not consistent with the enterprise’s declaration, the border gate customs office shall notify the provincial People’s Committee and the Ministry of Industry and Trade for coordination in handling.
Enterprises that violate the declaration of mineral quality will be handled according to current regulations and may not continue to export minerals until the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Trade is obtained.

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