Food and food businesses successfully conquer the difficult market

In 2022, many food processing enterprises will have high quality and competitive export products in the world market. In particular, many orders have been successfully exported to difficult markets.

After 11 months of 2022, Ho Chi Minh City continues to lead the country in import and export turnover with the result reaching 101.58 billion USD. Notably, according to the report of the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City, the production index of 4 key industry groups of the city (pharmaceutical chemistry – rubber – plastic; food, food and beverage processing; mechanical engineering and electronics manufacturing) had an increase of 19.92% over the same period, 2.6 percentage points higher than the general growth rate of the whole industry in Ho Chi Minh City.
In particular, in the food, food and beverage processing industry alone, the production index is estimated to increase by 28.2% while the same period in 2021 decreased by 14.2%. Many food and food processing enterprises have exported high quality and competitive products in the world market. In particular, many orders have been successfully exported to difficult markets.
Truong Chi Cuong, Deputy General Director of Vinh Thanh Dat Food Joint Stock Company (Vfood), said that after a period of exploring the domestic market, in mid-2022, the enterprise signed a contract to export liquid eggs. First frozen worms exported to Korea. This is one of the potential products, expected to become the best growth product group of Vfood.
Similarly, Mr. Diep Nam Hai, General Director of Cholimex Food Joint Stock Company (Cholimex Food), said that the enterprise also had batches of spice products that were also exported to Indonesia and Brunei for the first time, becoming the stepping stone for businesses to access the Muslim market.
Currently, some partners from Muslim countries are looking for qualified brand suppliers for their community. This has opened up the opportunity to conquer the Muslim community market in the world for businesses.
Improve quality
Chairman of the Food and Food Association of Ho Chi Minh City Ly Kim Chi said that in recent years, the food industry has grown strongly, providing many high-quality and competitive products, meeting over 90% of domestic consumption demand. . In particular, there are many types of food that not only replace imports but also export to many countries. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, the world urgently needs processed food groups such as noodles, noodles, rice and some ready-made processed foods. Never before has Ho Chi Minh City’s food processing industry received so many food orders as it does today.
However, the food industry and enterprises in Vietnam in general and in Ho Chi Minh City in particular are also facing difficulties. The fact that Vietnam’s strong products are being competitive from countries such as India, Thailand, etc., it is necessary for businesses to innovate, change technology, digital transformation, traceability. products, improve labor productivity, enhance product value, put indigenous culture into products to adapt to requirements from export markets.
Currently, the fact that countries have set very strict technical barriers is a big challenge for Vietnam’s exports, especially agricultural and aquatic products and processed foods. Meanwhile, Vietnamese businesses access this information very slowly. This has resulted in some Vietnamese foods in some markets having recently encountered difficulties because of the use of banned chemicals in the processing industry.
To support food and food businesses to expand their domestic and export markets, the Food and Food Association of Ho Chi Minh City cooperated with Ho Chi Minh City departments and agencies to implement many trade promotion programs, connecting businesses in the country. and outside the city, through events that are held annually and have brought many positive effects, such as specialized international exhibitions, trade fairs, trade fairs. The Food and Food Association of Ho Chi Minh City is increasing the organization of events linking member businesses with partners and distributors from Taiwan (China), India, Australia… Accordingly, creating favorable conditions for business exchange, learn experience, understand product standards in your country, actual needs, proceed to business cooperation, bring Vietnamese goods deeper into fastidious markets.

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