MINH HANG has specialized legal knowledge in the field of minerals, regularly advises and carries out procedures for applying for mining licenses, mineral import and export licenses for businesses.
If your business needs to make an application for a License for Exploration and Mining and a License to Import and Export Minerals, please contact us for free consultation and long-term cooperation.
Enterprises wishing to import and export minerals must meet the following basic requirements:
Import of minerals:
Enterprises of all economic sectors established in accordance with law and having appropriate business registration certificates, if in production and business activities wishing to import minerals, they are allowed to import or authorize the import of minerals. mining and importing minerals according to demand.
Particularly for ores and concentrates containing radioactive elements, the import must comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment on State management of goods and services with special economic restrictions. business in accordance with the law.
Mineral export:
Minerals permitted for export are minerals that satisfy the following conditions:
Meeting the quality standards and product specifications specified in the Appendix to this Circular (hereinafter referred to as the Appendix);
To exploit legally (according to the Mineral Mining License or the License to fully exploit minerals granted in accordance with the law on minerals);
Not banned from export by separate regulations of the Prime Minister (if any);
The domestic market does not have demand or consume not all the extracted minerals.
Enterprises permitted to export minerals are:
Organizations and individuals possessing a mineral mining license or a license for salvage extraction of minerals (hereinafter referred to as the license holder); or:
A commercial enterprise that has the function of trading in minerals stated in the Certificate of Business Registration and meets the requirements of current regulations.
Dossier and procedures for mineral export:
In addition to the documents prescribed by the Customs, the mineral exporting enterprise must additionally present to the border gate Customs:
A valid copy of the mining license or the license for salvage mining, issued by a competent authority.
A valid copy of the registration of goods quality (conformity with quality standards) at a competent agency in charge of quality control (for minerals with specified quality standards).
Mineral purchase and sale contract or mineral export entrustment contract signed with the License Holder (in case the exporting enterprise is not the License Holder).
The above contract together with the exploitation license is the basis for the Customs to manage the export volume of goods of the same origin not exceeding the exploitation capacity.
The export of coal mines shall comply with separate regulations.

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